12. Dee Why Beach

Dee Why is often overlooked for it more untouched or gentrified neighbors. Developed during the 60’s and 70’s Dee Why has been a little neglected in recent years but this is changing rapidly with an urban transformation – why? Because the beach is spectacular the surf can be incredible and the location is a short hop to the city.

Dee Why Point can get spectacularly good waves, although super crowded and the locals know the best tricky take off positions so getting a decent wave can be a bit of a wait.

Dee Why is generally pretty clean, a bit of rubbish from unthoughtful beach goers, like everywhere in Sydney the stormwater run-off can be a problem.

Dee Why Beach
Dee Why, Sydney, NSW – The beach breaks can get very good
Dee Why Pools
Dee Why, Sydney, NSW – Not a bad spot for a morning coffee
Dee Why Rock Pools 2
Dee Why, Sydney, NSW – Rock pool reflections


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