17. Shelly Beach and Fairy Bower

Shelly Beach is a perfect beach on the southern side of Manly Beach. It is a little too perfect as it gets extremely crowded as you can see from the photo. On a clear day with a south swell and south wind it is looks tropical. A fantastic safe beach for swimming and snorkelling, I swam in schools of fish, fairy penguins and huge blue gropers.

The best thing is right around the corner is a fantastic break called Fairy Bower. A right hand point running over a boulder bottom it is challenging due to the crowds and a big surge rock in the middle of the wave line-up. A competitive environment it can get frustrating but well worth the reward. Needs a big SE to E swell with SW to S wind.

Shelly Beach Image Sprout Daily
Shelly Beach, Manly NSW – image by Sprout Daily
Fairy Bower by Randy Sparrow
Fairy Bower, Manly NSW – image by Randy Sparrow

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