I love the ocean, the more time I spend in or near the ocean the more complete I feel.

In January 2018, I had a fantastic day at the beach, in fact three beaches – beautiful beaches – unspoilt beaches, it highlighted the contrast between our Australian beaches to other places in the world – how lucky we are to have this on our doorstep.

It will take more than luck to keep the oceans and beaches in Australia free from the tragedy unfolding in other parts of the world. Last year, for the first time in 25 years, I had a trip to Bali. It was really sad and depressing to see the beautiful island from my memories strangled in a mountain of waste, the ocean is struggling to cope, the sea-life dwindling, the tourists choosing other destinations and the poor beautiful balinese living amongst garbage and trying to grapple with a problem beyond their individual means.

So what do we do? How can we help? Can we make a difference?

Apart from aiming to visit 100 beaches in one year I am using this blog to explore what I can do to help clean our oceans.

Dave Petschack